See the Light in the Other Window


I sit here and watch in darkness
I am so tired of myself
I have walked green fields of heaven at summers
yet I glance at the neighbour's green lawn
I have no leer for others just in gladness not gloom
like to see my fellow beings in joy
I see the endless summer in sadness 'cause it was for whom?
So my Sun Dance in the clearing was around the risen pole of
old and I screamed: "Enjoy!"
I am Gemini - I am never alone, just breathtaking bold
And my Winter Solstice I dance around the christmastree
as my Virgo shyly - but in glee, as the moon transcends
Still for those who can not be
there are things bothering me
we are friends and do not have to apologize to be
I like you as you and you me as me
as a truly dear friend said reminding me looking evenly
when you have to bend too much it might break
better stay as you are and let it flow
and if the hour of destiny tolls the damage is done
in whatever deed
when the hour has passed the reflection will show
it was not evil indeed
and two become one again and again as it was meant to be
or stay at echother's sides as friends of the heart smiling
inside knowingly
Like the trees in the east bend for the wind
not them to break
"The hard ones are weaker than the soft 'cause the hard
breaks off..."
A round one do not fit in the cubical hole
the child from it's playing are told
likewise in the cherished games of lovers
they these secrets discover beneath, between and beside
the covers


And the Equinox of the Autumn and the Spring
when all should be dancing in a Ring
I have my round table in my room,
I see my friends and relatives there
I see the tables down the road and smile,
'cause there a friend has not been for a while
And lonesome mothers cry in the night
'cause "awesome" children do not know what is right
Hateful fathers that carry the tradition on
from being without father a time long ago
When candles are lit in the windows shining out over the snow
through darkness and to human's and beast's warming heart
there's no need for challenges for who is right
just sigh and look up at the blessed starry night
I know there are people inside those shining palaces with
company all around
that feels alone and weeps for solitude or at least someone kind
I sit and remember those shining times and happy events
and know not why at the celebrations company's so hectic
and then nothing in between
I live and feed on those heartwarming times hoping for more
I shrug and lit my stake in the window too
I remember the good times and this evening's relations anew
I sit and ponder the thought and the soul at my lonesome self
Alone, selfchosen so, 'cause no-one ever placed me like a
book on my shelf
I see the light in the other window
and I reach for the door.
*closes the little black book with a winered heart on*

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1164 times
Written on 2009-09-15 at 17:40

Tags Depression  Loneliness  Family 

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Joan Black
Occasional rhymes are nicely combined with the unrhymed lines. Good!

Rob Graber
An enjoyable meditation, this!