for Calin and from her swedish original "Bottenfrusen"

Frozen Solid (Calin)


Thus heavens once more desolate and clear rests
a mirrorbright and abandoned creek
No longer the echoes now of swallow's shrieks
the emptiness that remains is the only thing that is left

Upon the earth flags and banners glimmer and shine
in red and gold, with an unbeatable policy
autumn's advance, more and more triumphantly
and the north wind blows it's fanfare far and wide

in the winter all asleep in the lake are the swallows
against the blue ice the snow there falls
and the cold is the harvester of the frosty knives

in the depth all the dreams of light now grows
of succulent verdure, the summerrain's rushing and soughs...
and beneath the ice there shimmers one thousand lives.

*Flocks of swifts drifts between the clouds and the stars, never to reach the earth*

They're all asleep on the bottom under the quilt of blue ice.
Dreamlike floating and frozen in their hibernation.
They leave the earth for the frosty mirages of the heavens,
for the floating under the stars,
for nights of pleasant extinction...

(Calin 24/08/09)

LPWJ eng version 26/08/09

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 998 times
Written on 2009-09-17 at 12:00

Tags Nature  Pain  Night 

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Joan Black
Beautiful language and style! Do you translate from Swedish?

Gorgeous imagery here, and yet there is a sadness, as deep as winter itself.

The spring will come and melt the creek once more! setting the swallows free in the spring of another year.

The way of nature, is ever renewing.

Smiling at you