Flabaghasted (poetryslam)


My words will suck you dry
like a Jumbojet turned up on high
you're feeling like a Bird in the sky
you're shaking your head and you don't even know why
hear the Turbo-engine roar
as you beg me to stop and then for some more

You're Flabaghasted
totally disgusted
'cause you can't adjust to it
to being Flabaghasted

If you hear a rumble of the Earth
it's just me and a few more of my words
and if something's shaking tonight
and you feel everything's not alright
it's just every little child that exist's
every little sigh
after hearing this

They're Flabaghasted
totally Sugar High busted
'cause they are maljusted to it
to being Flabaghasted

Embrace being Flabaghasted
enjoy what you just heard
after you adjust to it
you want more
to be Flabaghasted
again and make others Flabaghasted
my friend
ain't words Fantastic
depends on how you put them
in a beginning, middle and end
if you're gonna be Flabaghasted
old Rhymes dusted
and here's the new ones for which you Lusted
like waffles with custard
toast with mustard
can you beat that Gusto!?
at this point you must've heard that you're Flabaghasted
and you like it
You Word Nerd
we are Flabaghasted
and we always wanna hear what we never heard
and learn what we never learned
just for the feeling of being
in the Zone, the AHA-moment, of being Flabaghasted
once more
maybe this time won't be exactly like before
and then you're Flabaghasted
for sure
Earmolested - Eyesighttested - Reflex-Wild-Westerned

do you wanna hear some more...

the AHA-movement begins behind that Door,
it leads to these words starting all over again...
that hit Humanity in It's Innermost Brightlight Shining Core
Your Ultimate Zen - Four Leaf Clover
First lessons Free - but PLEASE come back for more!


LPWJ 26/01/09

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 929 times
Written on 2009-09-18 at 17:44

Tags Passion  Poetryslam  Humor 

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