What Do You Want Me To Do


What do you want me to do
I could write you a line or two
but it wouldn't really help you
so what do you want me to do

What's your innermost wish
I could perhaps buy you some kitsch
from some second hand store Witch
is that your most inner wish

What do you want me to say
I very seldom get enough paid
so perhaps I could wire some money come May
is that OK, what do you say

What is your most inner wish
I could probably give you a poem or two
but I sit here now looking at you
and I might understand your innermost wish
because now it wouldn't help you
as long as that part of the Earth's
run by government fools

and I see you cry in despair
for TV who makes it clear to see
all the victims in the streets
so what can I really do for you
and I don't know your name
by now everything looks the same
Tibet, Burma, Gaza, a deja vu and everyone
knows who to blame
so please tell me what you want me to do

because this summer's Olympic games
were held by the militant criminally insane!
sponsored by greedy non-human rights
corporate tools...
and we did all we could do
to stop the hurt brought upon all of you
still the world won't let them hide any of you
because by now we got enough of your names
so that's maybe what we can do!

LPWJ 15/01/09

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1069 times
Written on 2009-09-18 at 18:31

Tags Hurt  Pain  Inspiration 

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Joan Black
This is a nicely rhymed poem. I enjoyed it!

i luv this poem =]