Emotional Massacre


Everytime we meet you're hurting me with some new shit
don't give up til a numb emotional corpse lies before your gleaming eyes
like an inhereted evil wish you cannot control
lady, girl, woman, bitch
til I'm a carcass instead of a man is that really what you want?
the insanity of the insane.....made our life into an empty tomb
not even after killing it til it's dead you give it a rest
too much that is wrong is too hard to fathom
mental abuse going on and on feeling like
cast in a braineating zombieflick
and not even the eating part.....
rather be eaten and fucked over in a skinflick
the sickness is vast as the emotional massacre continues on
like a spreading catastrophe or disease without end
noone knows where it came from
the putrid stench from the lies that there's no need for to be
the green pus and blood running from our eyes and wounds
that's like the gore from a horrormovie of some B-director that could have been
yeah, really really great if he didn't snuff himself as a teen
like that terminal disease to which they found the cure
but all just wanna run around and scream and bleed
and not one wants the doctor's remedy
I'm so fuckin mad at the things I cannot control and that
repeats and repeats themselves destroying our future
over and over like a spinning wheel in a vivid childhood backflash dream
the playground visions and amusement parks gone bad...black...and dark
and to finish me off, O cold one, you just gotta say those hard words
I know you can't resist whoever you are.....
lady, girl, woman, bitch
"Stop hurting me now, it's enough...
stop bitching at me...I'm sorry that you don't wanna meet me"
After mistreating and doing all not to meet me and trying to malebash
you better just give up and stop ruining our lives
cause you know you never can
turn around reality and talk backwards and bend
and like that nightmare vision us twist.


Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1366 times
Written on 2009-09-24 at 23:39

Tags Depression  Pain  Hurt 

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Then I recommend you grow up and read some Bukowski unless theyve censored it in Putinland

I dont take shit from anyone

Be well,

Joan Black
By and large, the poem is good, but I think, swearing is unsuitable.

well dun =)

Blimey! I'm glad I didn't know you then!lol It sounds to me like you two need to communicate on fundamental levels and sort your feelings and lives out, once and for all. I suppose you did, as you are here now!

Great raw write

Smiling at you