my necklace, my heart, my tears.

what is there to live for,
if your heart,
is not with mine?

so often i look upon the necklace of hope
and remembrance,
and i like to think that maybe,
it is a part of your heart,
hanging around my neck.

whenever i look,
the tears start to fall,
as remembering is painful,
thinking about you,
burns my soul,
and leaves a hole in my chest,
where my heart should be,
because you've taken it,
you're looking after it,
but without it,
i cannot live.

without you, i cannot live.
without me, you cannot live,
simply because,
as you have my heart,
i have yours.

the tears fall,
thick and fast,
the more i think of you,
and how long,
that we will last.

we just have to stop,
missing each other,
we just have to be with each other,
forever, with each other.

as i feel this necklace,
the one you gave me,
hanging heavy,
from my neck,
i think of you,
and the tears fall faster,

i miss you.

Poetry by TigerEyes
Read 564 times
Written on 2009-09-29 at 22:21

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