The White Carpet.

It's not as though I dont like it,
It's just that, I cant share it,
Because attempting to is killing me.
Tearing me, ripping me apart.

Like some beast let out of its cage
Snarling and growling,
Sharp teeth and claws.

I'm usually strong,
I used to think I could fight it off.
But now it's tearing me limb from limb
With the taste of my hearts blood on its lips.

I've still got my soul,
Haven't I?
Surely, it cannot reach there,
Surely, my feelings and thoughts are safe from its grasp?

I'm desperately fighting,
Needlessly crying.
This monster will kill me in the end,
So why should I fight it?
Try to overcome it?
Maybe I should just let the creature have me.

It controls me and all that I do.
I wish i could get rid of it,
As the white carpet stains red.

Poetry by TigerEyes
Read 747 times
Written on 2009-10-25 at 02:28

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