look in the mirror (grow up)

"i'm not done yet
dont walk away from me!"
screaming shouting,
you pathetically
try draw my attention,
but its already gone,
to a place where you just don't belong.

go on, shout at him too,
the only person you're making a fool of is you.
shout my name twice as loud as any other word,
really now, that's just absurd.
tell everyone that me and him have been,
"sleeping around" or so it would seem,
because sleeping around another friends house
is really cheating, come on now, silly mouse,
i have a fella, one that loves me, and i love too,
you just can't see what is true.

get off your high horse,
come down to the ground,
before i get you by force,
to look at this mound,
of crap you have stirred,
it's not just me, everyone else has concurred.

clean yourself up,
look in the mirror.
grow yourself up,
and look in the mirror.
there is only one person to blame,
and i'm sorry, but i'm saying your name.

Poetry by TigerEyes
Read 748 times
Written on 2009-10-21 at 19:35

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Melissa Ormond
This poem explains everything I feel when my Dad's constantly shouting the odds at me. People think that just because they are older and possibly wiser they have the right to shout in your face, it annoys me! I enjoyed the read, keep writing!