The Tall Boy.

Five foot, two inches,
Is that short, would you say?
Six foot, Five inches,
Is that tall, do you think?

Well imagine those together,
And my audience you have,
Short girl,
Fifteen years old,
Short black hair, covering the right eye,
Black rimmed glasses,
Framing black outlined eyes,
Framing the green iris,
With the keyhole pupils.
Black t-shirt of My Chemical Romance,
Black painted fingernails,
And black skinny jeans,
Leading to size three feet
With black pumps.

Tall boy,
Sixteen years old,
Shorter brown hair,
Sparkling brown eyes,
Which change colour with emotion,
When with short girl,
Eyes are green, with yellow framed pupils,
When leaving,
Eyes are brown, with hints of green.
Muscular upper body,
Hidden by the blue Ecko t-shirt,
Toned thighs,
Strong calfs,
Veiled by light blue baggy jeans.
And underneath those,
The grey smiley face boxers,
That he knows she loves,
Rounded off with the size twelve feet,
Ecko trainers, obviously.

The girl looks up at her boyfriend,
And sees the love in his gorgeous eyes,
Feels the love as he wipes her cheek,
Stealing the silent tear.

Slowly he bends, kisses her soft lips,
Savours the taste,
And wishes so much that he can be with her forever,
Holds her close,
Makes her feel safe,
Doesn't want to let her go.

She tightens her grasp,
As he loosens his,
She doesn't want him to go,
But the choice is not theirs,
At least for now.

Put the tall boy,
Who is named Rory,
With the short girl,
Who is named Charlie,
Then you get a couple.

My boyfriend and I.
In love together,
In love apart.

Poetry by TigerEyes
Read 859 times
Written on 2009-10-25 at 19:11

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Oh, you really DO have a gift for desciptive writing, which is today a totally lost art! Just a very, very fine write! Loved it!

This is just sooo lovely, so descriptive, found myself checking your pic to see if I could see the black nail varnish! I really liked your final stanza, it just says it all.

Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
And if you ever let him escape through missing the message of love, then I am going to hunt you down and rugby tackle you to the ground and look into your eyes intensely and say WTF! But of course I will never do that - because I don't even know who you are. I will instead grant you the deepest and most heart felt wishes for a long and divine love (my parents are still together [64 years] - be inspired) , Love you both. : ) xx