The enchantment of first kiss with the loved one is unequaled , the world goes around like a whirlwind, blood rushes to the temples, heart races like crazy, something melts deep inside, a warmth envelops our whole being...

Enchantment of the first kiss (Valentine Special)

He had just put his arm around my waist
How I melted into that embrace
How his lips came upon my lips
Oh! The enchantment of the first kiss!
His breath mint-fresh like a silken breeze,
Enveloped me with so much ease,
The heart was mine, but the throbbing his,
The blood was mine, but the warmth was his,
He swept me off my feet with his grace,
We burnt the dance floor with our craze,
Whirling and whirling like a dervish
Stars were twinkling in my eyes,
Something was melting deep inside,
We were moving like welded into one,
Round and round in enthralling fun,
Sinking and sinking away I went,
Deep down the ocean of sensuous joy;
That he had me in his power, he knew,
Yet he held me as tender as dew,
But I evaporated anyway,
As a dewdrop would with the first sunray,
My sacrifice at his alter was done;
He did not have to do anything,
I came of my own unto him...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1414 times
Written on 2006-02-13 at 14:54

Tags Love 

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Rune Ljungberg
I liked this poem. It has everything to be desired in pure feelings from the heart. A likable piece of poetry.

That guy
This was good. Very sensual in a loving way.

That he had me in his power, he knew,
Yet he held me as tender as dew,

Those lines just reek of true love. A well written piece.

...this is a most excellent write, captivating in every sense of the word...lovely flow, suspense, truly a first kiss...

c g shankar
"But I evaporated anyway,
As a dewdrop would with the first sunray" Dear Zoya, The impact of the first kiss is built in words so beautifully!Very romantic!

How romantic!! I remember the first kiss with my fiancee---something I will NEVER forget!

Malin Johansson
This was really great to read, gave me strong and very nice pictures in my mind!!!
You know the right words and you put it right!!! // Malin

What rythm, what grace,
the beauty of words trace,

Zoya Zoya, beloved friend,
your beauty will never end.


Fantastic ^^
pure magic in your words ^^
and I agree the first kiss with someone that you love is something really amazing...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
you have to be the most romantic doctor I know a beautiful text and a beautiful writer

Well articulated is your feeling of love. Your spirit is untiring just as your spiritual base is solid: "The heart was mine, but the throbbing his". Excellent.

This is a beautiful piece and extremely well written. I am enchanted.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Beautifully crafted and a delight to read. I do hope there was anothers heart to receive and appreciate it.

You make the pen dance across the paper.

This is so beautiful!!!!! Wow, Zoya, you never cease to words take on a life of their own....

So beautiful :)

zoya!!! this is a beautifully written poem it is absoultely great!!!!
amber lynn

purple fire
This was so easy to read,and describes the feelings so well.

Veld Cooper
A beautiful celebration of passion for this most romantic day of the year!

Zoya!This piece has succeeded to melt my heart and take me to the inner and outer space of love where the two in one are the only aliens in the strange space.This is just but beautiful

Ahhhhhhh ... if I didn't know better I would think this was written on one of those GOOD Hallmark Valentine cards that you see in the good shops ... Yes , Z , you've done well here ...very well ... ps ... ohhh ... I better check my mail .... maybe I have a card ( like this ) waiting for me ..... NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... Glen ( GB )

100% Zoya, 100% passion! And oh sister, how can you describe it all so damn well???