red, pink.

slowly, slowly
wash it away,
wipe it so it's gone.

hide away what you're feeling,
let it all out,
make sure no one knows,
be sure to tell someone.

rolling, leaving a stain on my skin,
red eyes,
pink cheeks.
crying, always

but why?
down, is all i feel.
when am i up?
when with friends,
alas no.

phone rings,
text comes through,
is it who i hope?
of course not,
just a joke,
funny, no laugh.
an informant,
doesnt seem important.
a question.
do i want to answer?
will i say too much,
or not enough?

slowly slowly
rolling again,
red eyes,
pink cheeks,
this time,
panda eyes
waste of time.

sore throat,
shouting too much,
at little lost boys,
trying to find themselves
in this terrible world.

sitting down,
man's best friend,
comes at the call
of a whistle.
disturbing the fur,
calming the animal,
both it, and within me.

they roll again.

Poetry by TigerEyes
Read 626 times
Written on 2009-10-18 at 00:59

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Kathy Lockhart
your writing is rich in pathos. You very descriptive wording leaves images emotionally moving.

Ryker-Lei Glasgow
wow, that was emotivley assuring and deeply saddening aswell, great job!