Luke Starwalker (In the sky that once was)

To travel faster than light
To future of mankind
To go beyond the dark skies
And into a new horizon

They will travel right into Zen
Beyond and back again
And bring the powder
Of eternal life to earth

It might just sound insane
That the world will go that far
But think of it again
And you'll see it's what we are

Explorers that search the skies
Looking for a meaning
The desire of becoming one
With God and eternity

But I have seen the way
To go beyond the stars
And talk to Gods and aliens
Who knows just where we are

I have found the gateway
Beyond the shining stars
I travel on the dark side
Of the moon, in my care

How I can and I do
Travel to the skies above
Is here for you to know
So you can to travel to

I close my eyes and dream away
As easy as the winds
Just shut the world out
And get free from your sins

Flying far and dancing long
Atop shining nebulas
Watch the earth vanish
In the sky that once was.

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 673 times
Written on 2009-12-11 at 19:14

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What a fine journey you take us one my dear poet.

I adore the trip, the title is so sweet.

Smiling at you