I Am Happy As Me :)

why does no one look at me and see
WHO i really am not WHAT i am

you always think ill take offence
at something you might say but to

be honest i really couldnt care
yes i know im larger than most

but why should that stop me
experiencing all there is to life

ignore all the advice given
"more at risk of heart disease"

yeah well youve got to die
of something you shouldnt

really care about what others
think about you your body is

yours and yours alone to do
with what you wish so stick

two fingers at the media and
the celebrities and dictate

WHAT and WHO who you are
yourself rather than other outside

influences and in the end i get
the last laugh because

theres alot more of me to love

Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 645 times
Written on 2009-12-15 at 20:45

Tags Selfimage  Humanity  Love 

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Ignore What People Say :-/
I Do

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jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
fat or thin makes no difference as long as we love the skin we are in :) happiness comes and shines from within ourselves. good write.

I agree with your philosophy...I critique every model image used in the media, as a matter of course! They look thin, they are, most often dangerously thin. 10 pounds the camera puts on, and the scarey thing that struck me most, is that 'The Image' photographic, or whatever medium used, it seems to be 'The Image' that is the most important for us humans to look after! what that leads to, is US saps, neglecting our bodies to portray an acceptible 'Two D' Image, rather than US, as flesh and bone, with souls, and hearts that get broken, with minds that need nurturing, rather than perpetually held back, undermined, ridiculed for being famous, being successful, not being successful, YOU name it and there is a 'Put down for it'

As to eating too much, or getting too heavy. Big is beautiful, so is small and all in between, staying healthy by feeding our engines well and lubicating the mechanics regularly, is fine. Doing too much of anything, is not. I also have a theory on being overweight, having had an overweight youngster myself to deal with. I believe it is more to do with unhappiness, the unhappier we get, the more weight we put on. We get lazy too. Not me, I'm a mum, with too many things to do, but it keeps me trim, as does, taking care of my all with Tai Chi.

I am enjoying reading you, you seem to have a wiser head on yoru shoulders, than your age.

Merry Blissmiss


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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Be you , be your self , be the one and only , stuff 'm , those who only preen them self's in front of a one way mirror.
Well written , well expresst
All the best, Ken D Williams

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