explains itself really

Phantom Love

Our warm tongues caress
Not a care in the world
Just me and you in a lovers embrace
Our emotions pour into each other
~We Become One~
Your eyes as though the heavens reside in them
My fingers glide through your soft elegant hair
Full soft lips tease mine
Time stands still
Locked in time and space
Every detail becomes focused
Your slow rythmic breathing
The rise and fall of your chest
Every single eyelash
Smooth skin, Ultimate beauty
Even the perfect arch in your feet
Euphoric scent fills me

You start to fade
Blending into the wall
You disappear like a phantom
I become frantic in your soothing arms
It turns out you were just a fantasy
Created to keep me sane
So that i can pretend i have a lover
Rather than face the truth
so isolated in my own little fantasy world

"Been here before"
"Couldnt say i liked it"
"But do i start writing all this down"
"Just let me plug you into my world"

and experience my Nightmare

Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 999 times
Written on 2010-04-25 at 15:04

Tags Love  Lust  Nightmare 

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