Beauty: definition

Beauty; i challenge you to define it

the morning sun glinting off dew covered grass

the laughter of children on a summers day

the feeling that its a good day to be alive

the wind blowing in your face

reminding you of our existence on this wondrous planet

the moans of your lover as you please them

well to me its none of the above

my definition of beauty is the girl for whom ive fell for, fell down through reality to the world in which its just me and her, nothing matters no-one else,
just staring looking watching at her defined grace and elegance, there isnt a word for my feelings of her, i would endure the worst suffering just to see her smile, i would sacrfice myself just to see her be, i dont love her its something much much more than that, deep in my mind she sits, her scent coursing through my veins, her voice enveloping me like a glove, im trapped in her web of beauty,

Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 1104 times
Written on 2010-03-31 at 20:42

Tags Love  Lust  Beauty 

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Wow i luv it Mik!
keep writin hun
Soph x