Oh my one and only, and most of the gloriousness
I smell your scented lotion after your cleansing bathe
Close my eyes and look to your smile
As if to realize that angels do walk amoung us
Smile like that wonderful everything-is-beautiful smile
We hold hands to dance so come dance this with me
And with me believe that everyone should see us
Our pictures we paint are pretty for every to see us
We won't be lonely laughing at love loveing your laugh
Leaving our footprints for everyones bread crumb path
We name clouds laying on our back, that one is a duck
You and I are crazy-wink at me I'll wink at you
Calm and lazy this moment like moments that are meant
I'll go to my knees and take your hand
We'll give eachother some shiney circles
It will funky, as if we should be so lucky
Almost another groovey kind of love.

Poetry by AZ
Read 879 times
Written on 2005-07-18 at 12:30

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