This is by no means meant to be disrespectful, but a plea for tolerance. I believe what I believe, that does not make me a sinner nor condemn me to burn for all eternity. Fear will not be my teacher.

With all Due Respect....

My religion is the Universe
My God is all around me,
Sit in your pew if that's your view
But your ignorance confounds me!

Surely the Godly way
Is tolerance in retrospect
So why isn't individual belief
Given due respect?

So while you stand at your pulpit
With the lessons that you teach
I ask you in your house of glass
Do you practice what you preach?

We don't come here for a sermon
We come here to reflect
Careful on your soap box
Lest you slip and break your neck...

Oh and Merry Christmas! ;-)

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
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Written on 2009-12-21 at 04:05

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Well said. So many of the people I know who claim to be "religious" do not seem so when push comes to shove.

Nicely done, and I like the sentiment behind this poem too!

A pointed poem in rhyme, not so easy to do.

Most do go to hear a sermon. Why, I don't know—to take comfort in something bigger than themselves, to be told there is something beyond this, to be social, to be told what to believe perhaps.

Intolerance seems to be something which must be taught. Children will accept anyone who exhibits kindness and friendliness and sincerity. Adults make a choice, to accept or to judge.

Finding your own religion in the Universe is tough work, but the reward is huge.

Thank you for writing a poem that asks us to think.

Excellently expressed!!!
Applause, bookmark... and Happy New Year!

Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
I second that!

You see, the reason intolerance is so much more popular is because it's so much easier. It is SO much easier to just sit back in your own glory and hate everyone else because they do not believe in the same things as you. It's so much easier to preach to people about hell because you secretly wish for them to burn for disagreeing with you. It is so much easier for people to hate than it is for them to love.

No, there is nothing disrespectful in this peace. But it appears to be the response to disrespect for you and your beliefs. If you have experienced such a thing, I am terribly sorry... I hope this new year will bring happier times for you. :-)

Congratulations on the Editors Choice!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
Best wishes!
- Thomas

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
*CLAP* SO well said.

Merry Christmas to you
as well Dear Purple :)


Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!'re right in sync with me

xxx Stan

Merry Christmas. Here's hoping logic survives another year in the shadows:-)

halaluja!! hmm not sure if thats how u spell it but:bloody good write eh!! Merry Christmas to you and family


Rob Graber
Amen, and well said!