I had fun writing this, so I hope you'll have fun reading;)

Down his phonebook

He scrolled on down his phonebook
And looked at names and numberings
And realised a lot of them
Had the same old common thing

Most of the had been with him
On a night so long and wild
And he thought it was a good thing
That neither one had brought a child

He scrolled down that mile long phonebook
And smiled at every name
Because he knew he'd created memories
And never ever left in shame

Every nun he had converted
All those virgin oils gone sour
Time and money spent on swinging
And he never missed an hour

But as he scrolled on down the phonebook
And walked a mile of remembrance
he suddenly remebered
The last name he'd read was Lance

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 750 times
Written on 2010-01-12 at 01:02

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fun reading in oops! deed.

I wish I was as promiscuous! must try harder, springs to mind.

Smiling at you


glad you got there in the end!lol