READ FIRST!!!!!! this is to answer a few poets who have being questioning me

An explanation (not a text or poem)

a few of the observant among you will have noticed that several of my texts are lyrics of metallica, in the description of these lyrics i always that they are not mine and belong to metallica

the reason i do publish them here is because at the time they sum up how im feeling much better than anything i could produce and second of all i get to share the words of one of the best song writers around

i wont stop this til i run out of songs or i just cant be bothered anymore

oh and by the way, yes im mad, yes im irratable, but im under alot of pressure at school and this site is my escape so you know if you dont like me doing it dont read them

Words by MIK136PARKS
Read 656 times
Written on 2010-01-15 at 19:55

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lol goin on a arnt r u mik????

??? I Am Hoping Thsi Isnt Aimed At Me ??? And If It Is ... Im Sowwi :-)

I hope you let out your frustration!
and NO WAY NO HOW!! as the Wizard would say
Anyone should tell u what u should pen upon poetbay

hugs to you


melanie sue
It has never bothered me. As you say, you give the credit where it is due. Hope you feel better.

I for one, Love
Metallica, their
lyrics gives me
so much..

Thanks tons n
tons and more
Cause I had
forgotten tons
of their lyrics..

Plz. hit me more
and more of their
work, Metallica
simply rules :)
[feel like 14-again
saying they rule n
stuff, oh. ty ty ty]

So- I thank you :)
Do not stop it!!