When the sun sets, the moon rises.

When light falls, darkness fills.

When one life ends, another begins.

When shadows fall, reflections brigthen.

When heat fleas, coldness awakens.

When colour shines, darkness fades.

When summer weakens, death creeps.

When happy times leave, sorrow greets.

When one thing leaves, another comes.

But when you left, nothing came.
Two lives ended, and another began.
But only one came, the other lost forever.

Poetry by xXxfallen angel xXx
Read 545 times
Written on 2010-01-21 at 17:42

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A real, Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh poem. I hope you are not the 'lost forever'? I like the yin yang style of life as we blow it.

Smiling at you

Tai, wishing you are found.