Words spinning through my head,
Smashing, Thumping,
Beating against the walls,
Screaming they want to be let out.

But no,
I can't stop,
Have to keep moving,
I don't want to hear what those words have to say,
Don't want to re-live the past,
To remember your lies.

Have to keep moving,
Leave behind your words of caring and loving,
Those words that will be like honey to my ears,
That will make me forget,
Forget the truth that nothing can conceal,
Nothing but false words.

Have to keep moving,
I won't fall for that trap,
Yet the screams never stop,
Even though they know what it will cost.

Poetry by xXxfallen angel xXx
Read 607 times
Written on 2010-03-07 at 01:48

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