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Anguish of an Angel

All he ever wanted was to be welcomed in to the light


That his questioning and reasoning bright mind would be welcomed

That he would be free to express his opinions and feelings without being scowled upon

That his warm and loving heart would be recognized and it would be understood that

the darkness in this world

that permeates so many hearts

chills his soul


Every reaction a defense against the dark claws of this cold

Every rant a screaming prayer to rid the world of this destructive evil

Every broken sigh and heartfelt "why do I care!?" the cry of a tired soldier of light


Dear beloved angel

I see your pain

and I know not what to do


Dear angel

all I can advise you to, is to take this

sword of eloquence, of love

and slay His enemies

to take this armor of detachment

and let it keep you undamaged

to take this shield of His Love and His Prayers

and let it keep you safe

to take this emblem of truth

and let it drain you in order to fight


The way of an angel with a green beret

is one that leads you through great pain

challenges you to make sacrifices

suffers you to shed pride, and bow down in utmost love to His Word

Without this hell, dear angel


Without this hell

you will never fulfill your purpose

Poetry by SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-01-27 at 15:11

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