thank you Lennon for the inspiration in title and thought

How do you sleep?

You're a cool chick, a good person
Well, that's what I used to think
And the others still do, hey what if they knew
How low you are willing to sink

They smile at your holiday pictures
Sweet little castles in sand
The truth is for almost a year now
You've been loving another man

Now I don't believe in monogamy
For me it just doesn't work
But I happen to know that your husband does
And that you guys got married in church

So three hundred days of deception
That's a pretty big secret to keep
You seem to be doing real well so far
And I wonder, how do you sleep?

You can only meet him in daylight
Reality's limits are cruel
So you love your few hours of passion, and then... go pick up your kids from school.

Now maybe I'm really old-fashioned here
but moral's important to me
I believe in keeping promises, truth and honesty, decency

And you're not making love here, you're making deceit
You're trampling on love and you're making it cheap
Try and think of it that way the next time you meet
and then tell me, how do you sleep?

And how many lies to your husband
has almost a year made you tell?
Has it only been lies to your husband?
Have you lied to your children as well?

See, the thing is, you're dealing in poison
when you're harbouring secrets this deep
When you let poison in, it will change you within
Someone else in the mirror will be wearing your skin
And you'll see nothing there honest, or caring, or sweet
And then, honey - how will you sleep?

Poetry by Princess Charles
Read 1311 times
Written on 2010-02-09 at 11:14

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Love this. Each line is laid down with precision and something important to say. Your point is made clearly and well. Excellent work.

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
i like your morals and your style.
impressive writing.

Kathy Lockhart
your pen tells tales of poetic verse that reach inside and grab the soul of a person. bookmarked

To some, sleep is imperturbable amazingly enough. I've always marvelled at them, and the quantities of alcohol they drink.
Thank you Lennon, for inspiring this.