In a ridiculously clichéd way
Just when I leave to catch my westbound train
I'm drenched by a torrential August rain
The sun was shining when I woke today

My pretty skirt is soaked against my skin
My open shirt lets every raindrop in
I chose them with such care for you to see
For you to finally be struck by me

But whatever I do, or try, or say
How much I wish for something new to start
I hope and wish in vain, because today
I saw her name tattooed across your heart

No matter how banal all this may seem
Today I mourn the dying of a dream.

The town is filled with schoolchildren in hordes
With books and bags and clothes fresh from the stores
Accentuating hopes of something new
But no shed leaves, no change, it seems, for you

You've chosen your way. You're locked within the past.
So I'll rip out my heart, make this the last
of oh so many days spent waiting for you
It kills me. But there's nothing else to do.

I told you, it's banal in the extreme
But this day marks the dying of a dream
I lost this game even before the start
Her name's tattooed across, and through, your heart.

Poetry by Princess Charles
Read 881 times
Written on 2010-02-23 at 10:38

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Brian Oarr
I don't understand how this poem could have been read 59 times without comment ... I believe it worthy of such. The first stanza is very strong and I think your best. The 5th stanza ain't half bad either. I can think of just one thing that may have put folks off, as it is a bit disconserting and that is the constantly changing rhyme schemes. A trifle IMO.

I liked this poem, Princess. I shows your talent strongly and derserved more attention.