This is a song lyric. It has a melody, but feel free to hum your own as you read it. It's in an Irish singer-songwriter folksy style, 3/4 beat.

For the Gunslinger, as I miss him

You said I was trouble, I guess I was something you just weren't willing to chance
I'm not saying you were scared, but you sure didn't dare to go wrong
It's freedom you want, it's written so clear in your eyes and your beauty and stance
And I'm guessing you thought if you loved me at all, you'd have wanted to love me too long

You said I was trouble, and if I had listened I'd have heard what you meant to say
But I was too lost in those pretty green eyes to be sane
Then suddenly, lover, I heard you'd decided that Dublin's no place you could stay
And you left without warning, you left without calling, you left without trying to explain

So I stand by the river and stare at the sky, as if there'd be clues in the rain
And I'm wondering what you would say to the words of this song
I'm done with obsessing and starting to guess that I may never see you again
And you might have been right, if you loved me at all, you'd have wanted to love me too long
too strong
but I
oh, I wish you'd been willing to try

Poetry by Princess Charles
Read 857 times
Written on 2010-02-17 at 14:57

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