inspired by the beautiful girl i cant stop needing ;)

Needing You To See

these words they are my tools,i am not skilled with them

i cant bend at will, i cant arrange on command

i can feel these thoughts, i can see the words


i cant translate through a pen, i cant communicate through a page

i get so fustrated with myself, im better than this

arent i ?


I need for you to know

i need for you to see


not how much i like you

not how much i want you

not how i lust for you

not how i love you

but how i need you

how my very entity reaches out for you

how my mind has become your home

how i caress you with my thoughts

how i see nothing but you

how you are printed on my soul

how i scream to hold you

how every sound is your voice

how im dying without you

how ive started to blacken



Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 764 times
Written on 2010-03-09 at 17:47

Tags Love  Lust 

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Naaawwww thats sweet michael....hope it reaches out to the rite person