this text pretty much sums me up enjoy ;)

the penultimate couplet dont rhyme but oh well

Breaking The Male Stereotype

why do i get classed with them
im not the same as most men

im a very sensitive soul
i dont go mental over a goal

hell i dont even like football
i'd rather look at a wall

i often break down and cry
theres always a tear in my eye

i have rather long nails
i stand out from the other males

my hair grows in curls
i dont grovel for girls

im a romantic a lover at heart
i take pride in looking smart

im not controlled by my balls
i await eagerly for your calls

i'd rather head-bang
than play with my wang

ive being described as a gentlemen
im skilled with a pen

this is who i am
im the perfect man

Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 1021 times
Written on 2010-03-11 at 13:41

Tags Humor  Change  Human 

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how does that make ppl cry??????????
u shud not be proud of havin long nails

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cohen fox
made me lol a little, i love it, its people like you that constantly hinder females when they insult males, which all in all is actually a good thing when it comes down to it, and for this i salute you

wow brought tears to my hazel eyes mik =')
Keep writin hun
Soph x

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omg mike this is a reli good poem it nearly made me cry awww
i love it xD
keep up th good work mike xD

This is the second poem I've read today in which the writer heeds the Greek aphorism: Know Thyself. You express it (yourself) well, with humor.

P.S. Your final couple does rhyme, the vowels rhyme, which is called assonance.