the title is a lyric from metallica's fade to black but i think its fits here well ;)

Emptiness is filling me to the point of agony

I have being ripped from my body
Me,my soul floats freely
Until its gets forced down
Through the flames

Engulfed i scream
There is no release
My body continues on
It walks unmoving

My eyes seeing-blind
My hands shifting-dead
My tounge silent-talking
My ears hearing-deaf

There is nothing left inside me
There is no human left to see
There is no humanity to be expressed
There is no feeling left for you

It seems that a gentleman is not valued
It seems as though honour is disregarded
It seems as though sex is all they care about
It seems as though they are obsessed with looks

I will suffer AGAIN!
I will die AGAIN!
I will cry AGAIN!
I will hurt AGAIN!

I will never get a girl
I will never call you mine
I will never hold you
I will never feel


Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 996 times
Written on 2010-03-26 at 18:57

Tags Hate  Humanity  Empty 

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wow thats a very stromg poem u got there Mik
keep wrtin hun
Soph x

Language: 5
Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 5


Language: 5
Format: 3
Mood: 2
Overall: 4

cohen fox
what a strong, emotive piece. I'm moved by this poem mik and look forward to your future poems, c'ya around