I know nothing - except what my senses tell me.

Marriage vow to A

To me you are my final hours -
a desert blessed by gentle showers.
You are the edge of dreams and reason;
the premiere taste at berry season.

You are a new lifes breath at waking;
the starlight bent on Armstrong's staking
that comes to crest the swaying motion
of grasslands by a glittering ocean.

And should this earth now fall asunder
amidst debris and crashing thunder
our souls entwined would thus endeavour
to fare the light years through forever.

Poetry by An-ders
Read 655 times
Written on 2011-03-07 at 09:50

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Donald Thornton
Great rhyme and meter I like this one a lot.

Simply marvellous! :)

Purple Phoenix
This is beautiful, I love the way the rhyming words fall off the tongue so naturally and fluid.... I think I may have even swooned a little. :)

John Ashleigh
Brilliant. The imagery is vivid, and the words you choose to write jump out at me. I shall have to bookmark this.