Stuck in a moment

When I am sure
You are not
When you are,
I am not
We are just stuck in a moment

When we know it's what we want
Why this dilemma
Is it not good enough?
What we have
Is it not good enough?
To build a future together?

I know we shouldn't hurry
But baby time doesn't wait
What if in waiting for right time
Right time slips away and we don't know

You know I am not perfect
And you know you are not as well
And we are one of a kind
Two imperfect people
I say,
Baby lets take a chance
Let's join these imperfect lives
Let's build a perfect life together

We can't be alone until death
So when we are alive
Why not spend time with an imperfect person you know
Why not live with the one you love

Let's not stuck in this moment
I say,
Let's hold our hands
And let's move ahead
Whatever happens in between life and death
You will have me
I will have you
Holding hands 

Poetry by White
Read 562 times
Written on 2010-08-09 at 04:26

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