Yet another follow up to my series:D

Walk of The Tarmac Path, Part V: Obstacle of Choices

Water of truth dripping from your clothes,

eyes filled with the truth in your life,

yet another obstacle has been defeated,

exhausted by all the fighting and crawling,

everything in your mind sound so unreal,

You find your way back to the tarmac path,

everything looking so familiar,

like you've been here before,

but still you know you haven't,

nothing makes sense at this time,

Now there is no left or right turns,

just straight ahead,

a long walk towards nothingness,

until you see a mountain,

You don't understand,

cause the mountain just suddenly appeared,

as you walk closer you know what you are gonna see,

a sign as always carrying words to guide you,

you walk up to it and read it:

"You have gotten far my walking friend,
It is time for you to face the next
challenge on your quest in life,
The mountain before you contains
the answer to choices,
many times you have to face difficult
And you never know wich one is the right,
This obstacle will teach you that every
choice you make in life ain't always the
right one, but there is nothing you can do
about it,
It might sound as an easy task to pass
this mountain, but it is not,
your will, heart and soul will be tested,
Let your journey begin here on the

This test makes your feet crumble,

this mountain feel beat you up pretty hard,

prepare and fight to pass it,

you have to face The Obstacle of Coices

Poetry by Alexander
Read 669 times
Written on 2006-03-02 at 22:41

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Let's how the mountain is passable.
I love how you are able to write a series
like this -
eagerly awaiting the next one.
Does this person walking have a name?