Great confusion in my mind, As to why God is blind, And is not at all kind, Why no solace from Him I find.

I Ask About God's Task

Am I suffering from a curse
With none to kindly nurse?

Is my life doomed by fate
Creating s sorrowful state?

Am I not eligible for peace
And a blissful life-lease?

Am I taken on the wrong route
By devils which try to loot?

Am I destined only for defeats
With palpitating heart-beats?

Is not God acting in my favor
And so am I suffering from fever?

Is God planning some machination
To trigger soon my elimination?

Is God not in me interested at all
And so is unconcerned over my fall?

Is God existing in this vast Cosmos
Whom we all call as ultimate boss?

Have I done any egregious blunder
So that my peace devils plunder?

Is my destiny fixed as only suffering
Can it be improved via prayer-offering?

Does God follow Justice truly?
Is His heart wholly holy?

Does God want to give punishment
Unmindful of my sacred sentiment?

Does God want to severely attack
And totally block my life's track?

Is God in my case a cruel sadist?
Is He planning a bitter twist?

Should I have to in Him put trust?
Why He is conducting a cruel test?

What makes Him act against me?
Why my life is made by Him gloomy?

What is His ultimate motive?
Is He really highly destructive?

Is He the person wholly in charge?
Will my confidence he kindly enlarge?

In case He stops not the present torture
How can I continue my living venture?

Why toward me He behaves badly?
Does He want me to live sadly?

None to provide me any answer
My doubts to all I now transfer.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 606 times
Written on 2010-09-05 at 11:28

Tags Sorrow  Displeasure  Confusion 

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