What will you say...

To Autumn

What will you say now that your time's almost done?
A heart disturbed in the deepness of blue
Feelings like leaves withering there on
Never again its green foliage to renew

Name of unnamed - lonely and faraway
Gentleness of dreams and displays to keep
All that has met its past and gone today
Inside your solitude and far in its deep

Yesterdays in its many instances
Beckons of the heart in its reddish blanches
Wings that were flying in incandescence of air

Bringing the distances nearer and free
Those that were of night and sometimes blare
All that was to seek in its eternity

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 1042 times
Written on 2010-11-01 at 01:11

Tags Sonnet  Autumn  Song 

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Alla Antares
Dear Peter. I like your poetry indeed. But I can't find out what country you are from. There is no information like that on the site. It is neсessary for my research about poetry and poets. Can you tell me? Thank you very much.

I would say just one word Beautiful!

An emotional take on Autumn and the autumn of life, I really loved the opening stanza, especially the second line.