dedicated to friends
thanks for everything.

Time Vs Love

Thay say time heals all wounds.
For me
Time itself was pain
Time itself was gently piercing
through my heart.
As I waited to be accepted.
I waited to be loved.
As time engraved her name on my heart.
Every day a new cut.
Every night a new hole.

My heart wept out.
Time dried the tears away.

Day after day
Nights became darker.

Till one day
I noticed

Her name was there.
But the pain reduced.

Three angels came into my life.
Thay leisurely took away my pain.
Now I smile.
With them I lough.
One said I am jewel.
But without you I do not shine.

For you I may be just a friend.
But its true
Your friendship brought me back
To life.

For that
I thank you
I feel no pain.

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 1082 times
Written on 2006-03-08 at 19:12

Tags Love  Angels  Time 

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A beautiful tribute,
as lovely as lovely can be
thanks for sharing !