some people focus on the past others on the future, it's really hard but I try to live my life as it comes, day by day... it makes it so much funnier...


I find a radio, from before yesterday
I turn it on and stay tuned
As I do so it start to replay
And it reveals a wound

A frequency of chaos and killing
It tells a story of how my past is raped,
coins on a dead mans eyes, not silver but shilling
My troubled self, to a refuge I escaped

I change frequency and find tomorrow
Not much better there, just things I dont want to know
A lot of happiness and sorrow
Everything changed because of days so long ago

Today I found a radio,
that told me about the future and the past
I could have learned every movies cast
Learned why every area once was vast
Leave the present behind, fast
Learned how long I was going to last

But I turn of the radio,
I strap on my boots
I wear a smile
And I face the day...

Because this is my day...

Poetry by Peter
Read 905 times
Written on 2006-03-09 at 16:07

Tags Present  Future  Past 

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Wow, what talent! I love this poem, I am glad I found your poems Peter!

Veld Cooper
Very deep and thought-provoking, Peter. Strange how the past so often smothers the present.