I often walk along the lunar roads in my dreams.
'Cause when you sleep it's not so hard as seems.
I take unusual lightness from the starlit rays,
And easily walk on the nocturnal ways.

As soon as this pale moon reaches zenith,
I see the silvery footpaths that was laid with
The day-dreams as the traces on a body of the night,
And it appears only in moonlight.

My speed along the silvery footpaths does not depend
On my feet or imaginary gravitation and
Seeming resistance of an atmosphere
Is not an obstacle for me and cannot keep me here.

So, therefore I make a start from traced ways and fly
Upwards, soaring straight to black velvet of sky,
Where in time with my heart shimmer billions of stars,
Inviting to believe that all is possible for us.

Rocking in waves of rising streams I recollect your face,
I always recognized you, anytime, in any place.
Though, you have many images, it is true,
Among hundreds of them I'll find "Real You".

And, suddenly, then other wings appears,
They're permanent as darkness and transparent as your tears.
They are inside of me and everywhere,
And radiate a moonlight like the lunar roads, forcing me to stare.

They also are a path through me, a path that lead
Me through will of my spirit of this moment, and my feet
Are moving easily, follow their ways...
And then there's neither any time, nor any space...

Poetry by Black Knight
Read 933 times
Written on 2006-03-09 at 19:52

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Excellent Imagery and subject as a whole..I like how much emotion you put into your pieces.

Walking alone through the lunar road of dreams. a very intresting imaginary.
and it a typical work can read and read
and its take the readers also throughout the journey.
very nice

Amanda K
there's silence and rage.There r many drak places i couldn cross. ure poem has a new taste.Excellent.


My knight has arrived , and that is why I put on this dress .
Come this way ! And do take your words with you. L .

This is really monumental........really like Nightwish song.....fine and mystical words, metaphoras and moods......rock on Black Night!!!