Just a little something I wrote at school. It's about a young boy & his struggle to outwit death. Unfortunately, he becomes his own downfall.
I enjoy the simplicity of this piece; it makes me picture Warhol on a desolate beach. I have no idea why.

Messiah's Curse

The silver screen of Malcolm's mind plays twenty-four hours a day, without a blink or a pause. Malcolm continues an unhealthy balance of mind and internal vision, creating sick spells and terrible headaches. His body works on overdrive, with sins and comforts piled high, and worries of terrible happenings flood his innocent eyes as he sleeps at night. The continuous thoughts, feelings, and actions exhaust him beyond belief, and dear Malcolm, although young, is near the end of his strenuous labor. He will be no more in a matter of minutes; the heart will explode in a final push to everlasting youth and his tired eyes will roll up and out of sight.

And with that, the messiah's curse begins.

Words by Kerra Dolarhyde
Read 928 times
Written on 2006-03-09 at 22:21

Tags Humanity  Death  Determination 

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Alaina K. Johnson
I like you.