This is yet another piece I wrote at school, featuring a creative character of mine. Tristan is a creature with both human & avian features, falling to Earth in a dangerous plummet. The dear creature grabs onto a dying star, but has no luck.

The Plummet

The falling alabaster carcass broke the magenta sky in two. Bird-like appendages writhed as gravity dealt it's consequences with one sinful blow. No audible sound save the breeze amongst the tall grass graced the ear of the slumbering meadow. The ill silhouette lunged forward in mid fall, encircled the decrepit star with frail arms. A caress, then an amorous touch from decaying lips. It felt new to the avian, and he proceeded without hesitation. The celestial body's glow began to dwindle, leaving the creature with very few options; the fall was destined. The ill flesh softened under the fading brilliance that was once a star. The stomach convulsed. It was a festival of dry heaving and saliva; both sickening and comforting. The creature unconsciously curled its arms to the chest, sending it down into a spiraling mass of flesh and bone. A shrill cry like that of a plummeting bird of prey sounded across the field. The cracking of bones followed a thin river of blood which cascaded from the tilted cranium. It dried, then moistened under the motherly touch of humidity. The last gasps for air ceased after a moment of endless struggle. It died silently, it's head tucked neatly against the peaceful chest as to mock it's fetal beginning. Broken bones protruded through the iridescent skin and created an eerie shadow which danced across the bruised body. The dazed orbs were wide from shock and displayed a pain no human could ever express. Discoloured lips appeared very welcoming amongst the pallor of his face. Lavender eyes gazed up at the fading star as though the creature still possessed life in few corners of its being. Existance no longer fed curiosity into the supple mouth; existance wasn't important in the after life. The creature waited patiently between two planes, thinking all the wondrous possibilities and taking into consideration reincarnation.

What brilliant life falls from a dying enigma of light? I wonder what's ahead for dear Tristan.

Words by Kerra Dolarhyde
Read 749 times
Written on 2006-03-10 at 03:19

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