Don't fear the reaper

The dagger of sorrow so frequently penetrates your heart, your soul, your whole.

It happens now and then you say, and just as the sun lights up the empty sky of happiness you still have hope. I know its all just words to you, cause I know. You see no hope, you see no sky, all you see through your blue eyes is the reaper whit his lies.

I have seen him to, so I know just what your going through. But don't fear him my friend, cause his not the bringer of the end. If you look him deep in the eyes you will see that he hides no lies.

He is as you are, lost, afraid, lonely, misunderstood. So pleas, don't fear the reaper, cause he fears you.

He fears the tears on your cheek, he fears the things that you don't dare to speak.

Let his wind dry your tears of fears, let him help you drop the stone you've been carrying on your back. Let him help you and you will end up helping him to.

You no longer feel the dagger of despair in your heart, you no longer have the look of sorrow in your eyes, you no longer fear the reaper and his lies...

Poetry by Sebastian_
Read 943 times
Written on 2006-03-10 at 19:31

Tags Reaper  Sorrow  Smile 

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I think this is very good...Kind of sad...
The song is great;) Anyways..I like this poem!