Longacre Pond

This morning the ducks came back
And all during the day a raucous
Chorusing flock that floats and flies

Between one shore and the other,
Dipping and following as though
Every flutter were choreographed,

As though neither they nor this pond
Could contain such joy as they lift
And settle in a singular rejoicing.

But now, in this deepening dusk,
They drift off in twos and threes
To the silence of their separate sleep.

Poetry by countryfog
Read 446 times
Written on 2011-03-05 at 16:25

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ngaio Beck
Such a restful and reassuring work.Whatever chaos mankind delivers.the order of nature will not be denied.Thanks for reminding us.

You have such observational/poetry skills, I felt myself smiling then sighing at the end, you have brought the scene to life for all of us.

You portray in words a beautiful and vivid scene directly from a scene in nature. It's like sitting there and take part of it!

John Ashleigh
You give me beautiful memories of camping by a pond, watching the sun set, and the waves folding in on themselves, whispering good night to the grassy banks that surrounds it. I think this poem was just pure and truthful to nature. Brilliant. Keep writing, Countryfog.

Your friend,