i simply hate watching the news.I could recite the first twenty minutes without having to get a sneak preview of the headlines.

I hate watching the news

I hate watching the news,it is so predictable,
politicians speaking gibberish,they sound so juvenile.
Why cant they deal with important issues,
like unemployment,the environment,rising crime and H.I.V,
instead they only care about their image,
plotting schemes on how to line their pockets.
Our forests are getting depleted,
educated,unemployed youth are turning to crime.
Our leaders dont seem to notice this,they are too
busy smearing the names of their opponents.
The economy is taking a battering,our donors
are withdrawing their funding...this does not seem
to bother them at all.
What matters most for them is hitting the headlines.
Oh! I hate watching the news

Poetry by Mike
Read 518 times
Written on 2006-03-15 at 06:55

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timmy davis
I detest watching the news.Excellently put

matthew chilufya
this is very true..especially in my home country of zambia and all over the world as well.

Zoya Zaidi
And poignant take on what
Politics has become today,
Real issues skirted around, avoided,
Only the irrelevant, non-issues hyped,
blown up,
To get a few votes, to create vote-banks,
For those in power, to stay in power,
The rest be Hanged!

((((Hugs darling Mike, for thought provoking writes)))
love, xxx, Zoya