Heart of the Hunter

There is a distance now in the landscape

Of the wandering heart through seasons

That weathered each coming and going,

And I have come to know it well, crossing

Alone now, neither departure nor arrival,

Approaching something farther than field

And wood, toward where only the wind

Will furrow the low hills, the dark trees

Leaning into a dusky, receding pale light,

The horizon that keeps slipping away.


I carry this distance with me on my boots -

Dust, mud of creek-clay, thorns and burrs,

Vines wet with rain or curled with frost,

The seeds of wheat or weeds, or of snow -

Walking through all that each season

Gives and takes, leaves and leaves behind.

This distance that is closer now than it was,

And through it the hunter quietly comes,

Following signs of bent grass, broken twigs,

The path of those who passed this way.

Poetry by countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 594 times
Written on 2011-07-04 at 17:58

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mark nwagwu
this is a moving piece, and full of movement too - movement that bounces back and forth seeking where to be, from time to time, the horizon keeps slipping away, the path of those who passed this way. Rich imagery, makes me want to take this way, though not quite the one that has been passed through already. There's the rub!

What I really liked was the way you wove the words in with the rhythm of walking. beautiful imagery!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Keep moving. Stay low. Avoid dry twigs. He'll find you eventually, but stay ahead of him so long as you can.

la tristesse
I love your robust toothsome style in this poem. It makes me want to read more of your work. Which I shall do forthwith!

John Ashleigh
You tell a bold story with vivid and potent imagery. You amaze me everytime with your talented words. Bold and dynamic - thankyou for sharing this with us - I must applaud you.