A weird text I guess, interpret it as you like...

Hide and seek

Where is everybody?
Are they gone?
If so, where did they go?
And why?

I seek but find none,
I call Marco
But no one answers Polo,
at last I find you.

For awhile it's you and me.
Then I disappear,
I vanish in front of my own eyes

Please help me find myself,
before I am blindfolded
and forced to count to a hundred

Because I rather seek than hide...

Poetry by Peter
Read 936 times
Written on 2006-03-21 at 16:30

Tags Hide  Seek  Gone 

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Veld Cooper
Brilliantly introspective and a snapshot of your thoughts as you were thinking them. I am sure you will find yourself, friend!

Zoya Zaidi
My dear Peter you are lost,
You are blindfolded already
Dear heart, someone is leading you
By the hand, to those unknown places
In far of lands, where Marco does not follow Polo, where world comes to an end!
Take care Peter, or there will be no one to fend...

(((Hugs Peter this is a very original piece))))

Love, xxx, Zoya