being born as a daughter, i have faced my share of troubles yet i managed to live by my own definition...i am told that i have an ego of a man and the ambition of a son...and i am proud of that :)

free spirited

Covered with scars
Here I stand
To fight another war
Ready to face the crucifying eyes
And the pointing fingers

I am the rebellious daughter of my god
I get courage from suppressing words
I get energy from hatred

I am born to make mistakes
I am not bound to any rules
I fly free spirited

Don't try to teach me right
I am the one that learns from wrong
I am the sand on a hand
And the wind of west

Do not worry about me
I was born from the womb of a warrior
On the top of Himalayas

I live my life with my own definition
I make my own mistakes
I fight my own war
I carry my own scar
Don't pity on me

Poetry by White
Read 556 times
Written on 2011-12-17 at 17:30

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A striking poem. Well done!