you spend years of your life in building something meaningful but things doesn't go as you have planned and comes the time when you lose your keep on asking what went curse angry at others and suddenly realize the ha

Time to Move On...

There is a lump in my heart
A lump of unanswered questions
Stopping me from loving

I raise a finger on myself
Before I raise it to you
I was wrong
I admit
I expected to be understood
But you were just an ordinary
I expected to be loved
But you couldn't
And I blamed you completely
You kept saying sorry
I kept accepting
To the point
Where I was dragging myself
Then the time came
And you left without a word
Maybe your were also dragging yourself

I am not hurt
But my pride is
I am not angry
But my ego is
But how can I blame you
You were just an ordinary
Lost in your own world

Enough of digging the past
Enough of shedding unreasonable tears
Enough of waiting
Enough of questions
It's time to move on

Poetry by White
Read 524 times
Written on 2012-01-21 at 16:29

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Dearest White,

I have been there, this is soul deep, and I think it is real. You can move on, I have, think of the future not of the past. A very moving piece of work, I feel for you. Emotion beyond doubt.

Blessed Be