Look up in the sky
It is blue with white clouds
The rays of sun playing hide and seek
It is warm

Sitting on a Chautari
Under the cherry tree
All blossomed
Humming with the giggling petals
Playing with the cool wind

Look at that road
I've crossed so far
Up and down
Smooth and thorny
Thirsty and hungry
Tired and tested

Look at the road that I need to cross
To reach that mountain
Where I will summit
My being

But for now
I rest in the songs of birds
Look at my feet
Strong as ever
Feel my heartbeat
Alive as ever

In my soul
I bear no fear of future
I bear no pain of past
I just count the many Chautaris

(Chautari : a resting place made of stone and mud. In Nepal people make these Chautaris in the name of their deceased parents and relatives. They are made for the travelers to rest. With the blessings of the tired travelers it is believed that the deceased goes to heaven. In the middle of the rectangular Chautari they plant a tree for the shed. In hilly region of Nepal they normally plant wild Cherry tree. They say life is a journey and on the way we find small Chautaries of Joy to rest our heavy heart for a while and continue...)

Poetry by White
Read 573 times
Written on 2012-02-02 at 14:17

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Melissa Ormond
I've heard of this place and would love to visit it, to appreciate the beauty within! It looks fantastic!

Good write, keep smiling!:)

I loved this, I found it to be uplifting, positive. I have been to Nepal twice, but knew nothing of the Chautari, thanks for the education.

Dearest White,

You have a way with words I can only dream about,
maybe, one day,