I saw an Angel

When I first saw you in the carnival,

My heart beats faster and melts down, 

In the mass, you resemble an angel,

Just to get a glimpse, I searched you all around.

Tried to capture your imagery in the lens,

Fortunately, I caught you with your friends,

You knew I was zooming at you from the fence,

Your eyes gave me permission with all your sense.

Time and again we met each other on the way,

Destiny has made us to meet repeatedly,

Wishing impatiently to meet you everyday,

Your ogle haunts me & began to miss you madly.

The feelings for you is full of passion,

Can't control myself from falling in love,

With your addictive smile and arresting fashion,

Want to embrace & care for you as the dove.  

Heart gets lighter as the air,

With the perfume of your body  

& caress of your soft hair.

Want to feel your tender heart in this lonely cold,

And hold you forever until we grow old.

Poetry by Zalan
Read 1039 times
Written on 2012-05-11 at 07:32

Tags Angel  Passion  Love 

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There is little I can add to jim's comments, my friend.
This is a piece of inspiring vibrancy, gathering pace effectively as it moves from first-sight excitement to mature love.

To grow old with someone you love is more than a line in a poem, it is a reality for some of us, and truly one of life's great joys, if not the greatest.

This is a lovely poem, and i can only wish you good luck in finding your Angel. Though it sounds like you've found her.

I think doves are hard to catch, patience and kindness are needed.