Its that awkward moment where you find....there nothing left to say

Where Have All The Words Gone

In the flickering candlelight,
The lines on your face distinctly shown.
Theres you, me and an eerie silence...
Where have all the words gone?

Like the north winds melted by the summer sun,
Lost in the skies never to return.
Like the water that ebb'd and flowd'
Water that slips through the weren't mine to hold.

Like the jealous moon and stars,
Never to be found as another day starts.
Like the dream that comes and goes...
That angelic vision, from a memory flows.

I see your lips as they begin to part,
with the quickest of subtlety, you cloak your heart
The softest of whispers, and then a lull before the storm
And in the quietness I wonder...Where have all the words gone?

Poetry by Umang
Read 630 times
Written on 2006-04-01 at 22:56

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I didn't expect to find this poem, but glitches do have their benefits. I really liked the honesty of this poem, in my experience of silence between moi and man, it's filled with frollicking, or, as you so beautifully describe here, when that flame dies out and there is nothing left in common, awwwwkward, is the word, to be gone, is the need.

Smiling at you, whoever you are back there in 2006!


Zoya Zaidi
"Water that slips through the palm... you weren't mine to hold"

Beautiful imagiry dear Umang!
Which means desire, yearning, enthusiasm, all roled it no one!

As for being speechless,well I guess that is love! That magic moment when nothing is said, yet every thing is convayed!

Welcome to the bay dear friend!

Greart debut (on the bay)poem!

love,xxx, Zoya

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
the words are there -
you just have to unlock the door
that you hide your heart [and words]

Welcome to the Bay.


Jon Hanover
Great poem. Beautiful rhythm to it. Welcome to the " bay ".

Cuddly Fox
hey man welcome here from cp a good poem to kick off with