Hate poem #2..

Broken Angel

You taught me to speak precisely
to decode what was humming in my mind
and translate the beats of my heart

You showed me a world where people could be different
and that I was important and existed

You bend down before me in heavy guilt and shame
yet fight me as I blame you

My anger is too much for you to carry now
after carrying it for so long
trying to salvage something from the world you broke

When you kissed me you said it was like kissing a stone on the mountain of God
and I never felt comfortable on the pedestal you placed me on
and being worshiped like a God you could not see or reach out and touch

With your words and honeyed softness you drew me in
how could any girl resist the dream you seemed to be
to be worshiped with such passion and idealistic fervor

I trusted my life to you
my heart and my words

worshiped, defended and loved you with a loyal passion

In our world no one could break us
even as we were rotting in our impossible dreams
In our world you were my one constant that I knew would always be there
there was no going back or ever considering the fact
that maybe

we were destroying each other

She said I disappeared around you
and that I tamed you

You called me frustrating, cold, enigmatic and non-existant
impossible to understand

even as I stood there reaching out to you with my heart pounding and bleeding in my hands, screaming with everything I was

You turned away and let me die upon what was supposed to be our bed
and left me to find out for myself
that you were gone
without a word uttered from your lips

Poetry by SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-12-06 at 00:45

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