Employment gives me enjoyment, That commitment needs involvement, After retirement, For poetry, life is meant, Now, no time gives disappointment, Still, I must make an adjustment, By using poetry as a basement.

Let My Write Give Delight

To remember me kindly as a member
There are noble souls waiting here
They eagerly await for what I say
No doubt, their affinity, they show

Small I am, but they give a kind call
Plead I to God to give hope and lead
Really I feel that such a touch is holy
Now, I want to truly write with love

I must write a rich poetry so high
Then only I am loyal to all the men
Effort of my poem must give comfort
Soon, all must call my poem a boon

Foresight must make good my write
Deep ideas must make a clean sweep
Fun must be had by all under the Sun
Hope must make fear and tear elope

Honored I am as trust is to me delivered
Sorrow in my mind now fears to grow
Run away all worries from this person
Pure peace' arrival in my mind is sure.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 1086 times
Written on 2013-10-20 at 17:46

Tags Poetry  Rhyme  Verse 

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